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Growing up in a family well-versed in the world of graphic design, whilst fine-tuning a maturing taste for all things rock n’ roll; Oscar Langburne has a knack for creating music-inspired collage prints on his personal quiver - which when put on rail (or mid-air) makes for a spectacular scene from the shoulder. 

Hayden has been working closely with Osc’ for the past few years refining his boards to the point that both shaper & surfer are highly in synchronisation as to whats working to suit Oscars fluid, carefree style - yet performs when the conditions are more critical. 

Case in point, the six new sleds fresh out of our Sydney workshop...

What he’s riding:
  • WHITE NOIZ (PE): 5’4 x 18 x 2 1/8 (21.71L)
  • DARKSIDE (PE): 5’5  x 17 ¾ x 2 1/16 (20.62L)
  • MERLOT (PE): 5’1 x 18 ¼ x 2 3/16 (19.88L)
  • HYPTO KRYPTO TWIN (PE): 5’0 x 18 ½ x 2 3/16 (22.31L)
  • UNTITLED (FF): 5’2 x 18 x 2 (20.37L)
  • PSYCHEDELIC GERM (FF): 5’2 x 17 ⅝ x 2 ⅛ (20.10L)