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We’ve always been huge fans of the very stylish and minimalist brand OCTOPUS…and it’s not just because at least three of their riders (Dion, Tyler and Dylan) are on the Haydenshapes team. Indeed, OCTOPUS makes the finest of traction, bags and other accessories—but they also consistently put out one hell of a surf clip.

Like, Dylan Graves’ new edit: “EXPLOSION SALAD,” an actual menu item at the world-renowned eating establishment, Chili’s.


“With the obvious focus being EXPLOSIONS, I wanted to hit this wedge near my house in Isabela that is my ABSOLUTE favourite wave in the world,” Dylan told us. “It feels like you are going to take off into Outer Space once you connect one of the wedges right, you’re going SO FAST. It’s just as good as getting barrelled in my opinion.

“But I grew up and have spent a majority of my life in Puerto Rico, and my family still lives there even though now I am living in California with my wife. We moved out here 2 years ago so she could finish her degree and work full time pursuing her passion…which is fashion…[laughs] She’d want me to say her full title but passion and fashion rhyme so I’ll leave it at that.”


Do enjoy this delicious 4-minute morsel of cinematic surf splendour. And in case you’re wondering…Dylan’s mostly riding: the Untitled, a “magic” Holy Grail (while it lasted) and a White Noiz in the film.