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From a collaborative design approach with Dion Agius; the RAVEN has arrived. RAVEN is more than just a high performance shortboard, it’s a modern shortboard that brings back the 90’s carve. Best suited to 3ft+ conditions and designed to be put on rail; Dion wanted his signature model to ride effortlessly in everyday conditions, then seriously flare when the waves present themselves...

video: @fox_in_soks

Wanting to hear from the man himself, we recently hit up D. on his take as to how the RAVEN came to be: 

"I initially grabbed a few protos. of the RAVEN board on a trip to Indo a few years ago, as I had told Hayden I wanted to work on some turns. My boards have always been more suited for taking off and racing as fast as possible and trying airs - i just wanted to start working on turns more, so we began fine tuning (this board) so that it was still fast, still did airs, but also was a bit more drivey and forgiving on rail. I also found that the swallow was super bitey. Seemed like i could initial the rail a bit better once i rolled it over and started pushing off the back foot in the first third of the turn. This really seemed to help initiate the rail and then hold it. We’ve just tried to find a balance of something that was still super fast, able to race down the line, punt - but also feels bitier for turns than my normal boards. The latest iteration of the model doesn’t have super fine or low rails yet it's still forgiving unlike a lot of boards you find that are usually better for on rail surfing" - Dion

image: @johnrespondek

image: @johnrespondek

A curved rocker allows for everyone from the intermediate to experienced surfer to drive through their turns. A low-medium entry rockerline allows for ease of paddling with the ability to pick up speed instantly, whilst a medium tail rocker transitioning into a swallow tail produces tighter carves.

image: @johnrespondek

Dion’s signature shortboard infuses balance between the new high performance surfing - with plenty of release and pop - yet calls-upon design features which allow for that on-rail surfing we all covet. 

Built in durable and lightweight PE construction (ie. PU core with epoxy lamination) we deliver each board complete with signature Pampass colourway base & rail line. 

And in celebration of our ongoing relationship with Dion, we worked with Melbourne-based graphic & print artist; Bradley Pinkerton on four separate special edition works: TYP01, TYP02, TYP03, TYP04.

Each print comes available as a high resolution lamination on the RAVEN's base, placed under the glass.  

To learn more, you can view the entire RAVEN collection, in all available constructions of FutureFlex, PU and PE here.