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Editing: Micky Clarke
Filming: Hunter Martinez and Jason 'Mini' Blanchard
Water Footage: Andrew Schoener
Words and Interview: Beau Flemister

Micky Clarke and a Shotgun Edit

Perhaps one of Haydenshapes’ hardest turning team riders — the guy can sink a rail in ungodly ways — Ventura’s Micky Clarke is a great surfer to test ride (and test the construction) of a variety of new shapes. In a splendid new edit called SHOTGUN, cut by the man himself, Micky does just that — putting a Darkside, Raven, and Cohort_I (all, in varying foam/laminations) through the hometown test-run. Fresh off inking a new deal with Vans, Micky was kind enough to give us some Shotgun backstory.


What boards were you riding in SHOTGUN, they looked great under your feet!?

Mickey: I was riding a Cohort_I, Darkside and a Raven. I really enjoy those three boards quite a bit. The Darkside is a sick all around shortboard, and my main use for it is when the waves are starting to get super fun and a little more critical. The Raven suits the same conditions pretty well also, but it’s a bit more flat so it can handle less punchy and flatter faced waves. The Cohort is sick for just about everything. Most of the time, though, I’m making a conscious effort to ride something different, otherwise, I’d probably be stuck on it [laughs]. I’d definitely say all three boards are good all around. Darkside is really versatile, the Raven is super similar but has a bit more drive to it, and the Cohort_I is very similar as well but handles shitty waves much better. These are the dims, by the way:

Darkside: 6’1 x 19 1/8 x 2 1/2
Raven is the same thing but 6’0”
Cohort I: 5’11 x 19 1/4 x 2 7/16 sometimes 2 ½


Nice. What boards do you prefer? Is there a rhyme or reason to it with you, or depends on the waves?

Micky: I honestly don’t really have too much of a preference for what board to ride in FF. I feel as though that sort of build can make any board go really well in bad-average surf. PE is really nice for average surf and is a touch heavier than the FF build. Any sort of groveller or step-down shortboard is epic as a FF (Cohort I, Cohort II, Untitled, Psychedelic Germ, etc) and I really enjoy riding the PU build in my good wave shortboards (Raven, Black Noiz, Cohort, Darkside, etc.) 



That all makes sense. And where was SHOTGUN all filmed, around home? How many sessions was that, and has it been a good winter at home?

SHOTGUN was shot going into winter; it was just a few sessions at home. I figured since I had a couple of clips in smaller/average surf I’d throw a clip together to stay busy and my friends (Hunter, Dane and Sam) are always inspiring me to edit shit [laughs]. I am nowhere near what any of those guys can do (in the editing room), but it’s super fun to mess around. So far, the winter got off to a really slow start but we’ve had a few days that got really fun! Nothing too special though. 


Right. Talk to me about the new sponsorship with Vans…seems like a rad fit!

Yeah, the new Vans gig is really sick. I never would’ve thought things would lead here for me. Especially, since just before it happened I was working a lot with my dad doing fire protection stuff and doing other odd jobs around town. My focus was still with surfing but obviously, you gotta make some money somehow! I’m really stoked though, the whole vibe and crew of people you get to hang with is rad. Everyone at Vans is very chill and nice to be around. Most of all, I’m thankful and humbled to have the opportunity to keep surfing and all that good shit.



Who do love surfing with around home or who pushes you in the water?

I love surfing with the whole Chapter 11 crew, and any of the homies from around home. They all rip and they all definitely push me. It’s a solid crew of people we’ve got around Ventura for sure. Dane, Matt, Eithan, Jake, Kellen, Virs, Chad, Mike, Josiah… I’m probably forgetting some people but they all rip!


What’s your goal, normally, with an edit? Performance, vibe, fun, all of the above?

Fuck, I don’t really know honestly… I guess for me, it was to just finish the video and make it watchable? I’d say definitely it’s all of the above. [laughs] I’m not experienced with editing at all so I wanted to make something people could watch and have it look as professional as possible. I mainly wanted to have something to do on down days and figured that was a cool outlet. It’s fun to try and be creative sometimes.



Absolutely! Any travel plans for the rest of this year? If so, where?

I’ve got some plans for sure! We don’t know where yet. It’s all swell-dependent, so wherever looks like it’s going to be good, we’ll be pulling the trigger. As for now, I’ll be hanging at home trying to get a few waves until the next mission. At some point, I’d love to find myself in Indonesia and Europe.

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