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'ARBUTUS' a new film shot + edited by filmmaker; Matt Payne and captured entirely in 16mm, serves the purpose of presenting Nate Tyler not only as a surfer, but finds a through-line to a California of the past - a type of living Nate lives and breathes. ARBUTUS adds motion to both his surfing and sculpture work, following Tyler around as he surfs his locals on an asym and welds steel in his studio — the two being different but relatable mediums of artistic expression. At 13-minutes, ARBUTUS is anxiety-relieving viewing in a world of short attention span made content, with a million single-wave clips - The Surfers Journal


A note from the filmer: "Nate and I were brainstorming and came up with a fun idea to juxtapose an asym against the kinetic sculpture’s movements; something that shouldn’t work in theory, but does. We reached out to Hayden from Haydenshapes and he was super into the idea. He quickly made us a custom prototype asym shape, rushed it from over from Australia and we luckily squeezed in a few 16mm sessions of Nate figuring out the board right before launching the film..." - Matt Payne


Film: ARBUTUS shot and edited by: Matt Payne


A limited quantity of the GRISC. the asymmetrical board showcased in the film are now available. An exclusive short run to be custom-ordered through our online store can be viewed here.