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We're an aesthetically-minded bunch. And not being content with only all-white (clear) boards for every session, pushes us to conjure new ideas around prints, patterns, yardages and logo treatments we can put on sleds, to get everyone else as psyched as we are about riding good looking equipment.

Herringbone is a distinctive v-shaped weave pattern usually featured in wool or twill fabrics and originated via the United States Army during WWII. This heavy gauge material was the go-to for uniforms due to its durability and ability to retain warmth during colder climates. Unfortunately, Herringbone-made gear was only handed around to a small number of soldiers prior to each battle, due to the limited supply of the material.

Any talk of utilitarian cloth gets our minds wandering; reminiscing of cold mornings in search of waves, sipping coffee and layered up in warm garments. And theres just something extra rewarding about surfing in winter; considering the commitment in washing away the hibernal dreariness is less than idyllic and takes a certain amount of f*%ken dedication. Suit flush, head freeze, locked limbs, the rapid suck of energy from every duckdive; to paddling into set waves with the water the weight of concrete. And yet this effort is rightly-rewarded returning to shore - feeling as though you've conquered a giant - to rug back up for an afternoon tucked away in a pub corner warming by a fireplace. Guinness in hand...

To celebrate chasing down leisurely pursuits in favorite, well-worn clothing items, we've developed our own version of a Herringbone print for the HSSTUDiO. Available now to design into your next custom board.

Jump on in, choose any model and just tinker around to your hearts content. They look amazing underfoot and are smooth as a nut - just like a good pair of pants (or a pint).

Experiment with the new Herringbone print here.