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The 'SOFT SERIES' initially launched in 2019 with the Hypto Krypto FutureFlex Soft as our first product offering and has since been updated for the 20/21 summer with the addition of the LOOT Soft; an outline based on our revered LOOT model - a longstanding team favorite due to its versatility in all types of waves and ability to ride short and wide, or much longer as the ultimate cruiser.

Line up L-->R: Loot Soft 8', Loot Soft 6'6, Loot Soft 5' and Hypto FF Soft 5'4

Whilst the Hypto FutureFlex Soft uses the modern, performance-specific FutureFlex build of an internal parabolic carbon fibre frame; the LOOT Soft utilizes dual, double thickness bamboo stringers laminated with fibreglass, placed inside the EPS foam core. To add to its overall durability; a mesh reinforcement has been placed under the 4mm thick IXPE soft deck. 

After work sessions: setting the fins up on his personal 8'0, along with his daughter Alaia's 5'0 

"Whats unique to this soft board is the fibreglass wrapped around the dual bamboo stringers which provide a soft flex, yet with a rapid springback. You just dont experience the sogginess you usually get over time, with this type of construction" - Hayden

After riding the 8'0 for several sessions, experimenting with varying fin set-ups; Hayden landed on a set of the Futures keels to balance out the length and volume whilst adding drive - which allows you to push through and hold onto the types of turns you may not usually be able to accomplish, due to the sheer length of rail sitting in the water.

Perfect for cruising or learning on, the LOOT Soft comes available in either black or blue, in sizes ranging from 5'0 to 8'0 with a complimentary set of three fins.

The Hypto Krypto FutureFlex Soft is in our signature monochromatic white with black rails, ranging from sizes 5'4 up to 6'8 and comes available with a complimentary set of three HS branded fins.

View the Loot Soft here.

View the Hypto Krypto FF Soft here.

the Hypto Soft close up