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HAYDENSHAPES is proud to release: 'Libération' - A Short Film Featuring Micky Clarke On The COHORT__I

"The COHORT has been my all time favorite California board... really versatile in all conditions. Functional, fast, drivey with amazing release" - Micky Clarke 

An earnest and humble powerhouse from Ventura County, California; Micky Clarke is fast, loose and raw. Yet these terms are merely a string of cliches for a guy that rapidly transitions from calm to beast-mode every time he paddles out. It’s no secret something has been brewing in the water within those Central Coast stomping grounds for years - and as part of the new generation, Micky is retaining that faith by keeping up appearances and clocking footage like its nobody's business.

Luckily for him and the rest of us digital voyeurs, he doesn't need to stray too far from home during a pandemic to find decent waves.

Image: Dave Castro Photography

Prior to releasing the COHORT__I model; Hayden worked on refining the board to find a harmony in consistent speed, flow, control and power for varying conditions - and with Micky's aggressive wave-riding repertoire in mind; Hayden felt it would be ideal for the multitude of beach breaks and points around Ventura.

Between the technologies offered in the COHORT__I builds; Micky's preferences lean towards both the FutureFlex and the PE (ie. Polyurethane Epoxy Lamination construction) and its clearly evident they're working for him. Whilst both feature the exact same outline template, the COHORT__I in FutureFlex construction offers a differing feel with the flex pattern igniting an overall liveliness underfoot. The PE construction uses the traditional shortboard method of polyurethane foam, yet is bumped up in superiority with the epoxy resin not only brightening the whites, but also increasing the strength to maintain the liveliness during the life of the board, compared to standard polyester resin.

Learn more about the COHORT model here.

'Libération' was filmed & edited by Hunter Martinez. Water Cinematography by Andrew Schoener.