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Therapeutic, high in antioxidants and healthy carbohydrates; the kelp plant holds a mystical light in folklore that dates back thousands of years with seafaring types - due to its yield in nutritional benefits. A large root-anchored plant with thick, nutrient-rich blades that grow vertical towards the sunlight; kelp forests are recognised as one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on earth, supporting a large number of animals - including urchins. 

Whilst the actual colour of sea kelp ranges from golden to muddy brown - after various experimenting with mixes; we've developed our own appealing version within the workshop to give an understated yet premium look to all custom models within the HAYDENSHAPES collection.

The result? A Kelp colourway thats a couple notches more compelling than an all-white board. Low-key with an air of luxe. Prestigious without pretense. A signature tonal green; muted and delicious in palette - harmonious to the colour of the ocean - with underlying hues of silver and dirty-avocado, yet all butter.

Artistically applied as a foam spray to our PU foam boards or as a resin pigment to PE and FutureFlex constructed models, Kelp also pairs beautifully with black or opaque white logos and is now available on HSSTUDiO.

Jump on into our site and start experimenting with your new board here. 

The HSSTUDiO gives you the ability to tinker with aesthetics - to choose everything from the colour of your logo decals and fin boxes, to the choice of adding either a matte or gloss finish to your board. 

Right now though... we're all about Kelp.