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There is something very special about being a grom. A certain positivity and mischief that can get lost with age, that all groms seem to carry. There is a very unique kind of aliveness one has when everything is always new. Talking with Central Coast’s Oscar Langburne, you pick up on that vibe. But Oscar’s not your average grom. It’s part of the reason why Haydenshapes — and FORMER shortly before that — welcomed the young gent on to their respective teams. Mostly, it’s because the kid rips, and with an effortless, throwback style that you can’t take your eyes off of. Another part, or at least in my opinion, is the kid’s just got great taste. Maybe he’s an old soul, or maybe because his hero’s Joe Strummer of The Clash, or maybe because when I asked what inspires him the most he answered, “Anything with a little bit of an edge to it,” but Oscar’s just a rad kid. “Don’t forget you’re alive.” Joe Strummer actually said that. The following are some quick-hit q’s with the very lively Mr. Langburne…




Full name: Oscar Andrew Langburne

Age: 14

Hometown: Avoca Beach, Central Coast NSW, Australia

Favorite Surfer? Tie between Dane Reynolds and Steph Gilmore because of their power, style and rawness

What inspires you the most? Anything with a little bit of an edge to it. Different surfing and people riding different boards, stuff like that

What is your greatest fear? Spiders

Best surf video segment of all time? Craig Anderson in all of Slow Dance

Who is your hero? Joe Strummer

Your proudest moment in life? I was pretty proud when I got some good school marks [laughs]

Favorite world champion? Steph and Mick because Mick is such a champion and I just love Steph’s style

Where will surfing be in five years? It’s going in the Olympics isn’t it?

Most underrated surfer? Beau Foster

Favorite non-surf films? Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Spider Man, Harry Potter

Favorite artist? Nick Cave

Worst tattoo you’ve ever seen? There’s a guy around here with wings on his back, like, his whole back is covered

Best text message ever received? Probably when Craig [Anderson] messaged me on Instagram

Dream sponsor? Nah, FORMER was it

Most scared you’ve ever been in the ocean? Aw the other day, me and my friend were surfing and he caught a wave and went over a shark and I was still sitting out the back, I was pretty scared. A week later a guy got bitten out here too.

Is it OK to tow? Yeah, when the waves suit it, but not for the sake of it

How many world titles will Gabriel win? Just the one he’s got

Best non-surfing experience? Traveling with Mum

Does the best surfing happen in contests or in freesurfs? Mmm, I’d say in both, but you just can’t beat whatever John John is doing. His surfing is unbeatable

What’s the last song you listened to? I think it was “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

Secret to catching a lot of waves? Find somewhere uncrowded

Who’s the most beautiful female surfer? Steph Gilmore

Best city in the world? Ummm, I haven’t seen many cities….Jakarta was pretty interesting. Not the nicest city…but interesting [laughs]

Lastly, tell me about your favorite Haydenshapes boards at the moment:

Well, the White Noiz rides sooo sharp. It feels faster. Releases better when I do turns. I just love it in clean 3-4 foot good waves, but it works well smaller too. The Untitled — I really like that one. I ride it in FutureFlex and love it in 1-2 foot jumbly, wonky waves, but it surfs sooo good in any waves. I have a Darkside that’s amazing, too, but I’ve been pretty busy with the Untitled honestly [laughs].


Follow Oscar on instagram here.