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Straight off a 3rd at WSL Krui Pro in South Sumatra, Cole Houshmand kept the fire burning and found himself a last minute spot on a boat trip to the Mentawais. He came back from Indo with an insane result and heaps of footage, giving us 3 minutes of pure surf bliss. Cole gave us a little bit of insight to how the trip came about, and what boards he was riding.




Haydenshapes: How did this trip come about?

I was at the WSL contest in Krui, South Sumatra and the comp had just ended. I got 3rd and surfed the best waves I’d ever surfed in a contest. So I was already over the moon. Later that day My friend Victor, who works as a surf guide and Filmer on Sibon Charters, called me up and said someone canceled and that the waves were going to be amazing. So I said yes and we scored some really good waves.

Were they the same boards you were riding in the Krui contest? You crushed it in that event.

I was riding a 6’1 Ando around 28.8L and I broke that in the Quarters and switched to a 6’3 golden gun for the rest of the comp. On the trip I rode 2 6’1 Darksides. They were around 28.5L

Did you have a favorite stick for the Indo conditions?

I really loved my 6’1 Ando. It held really well in the bigger stuff and still has a lot of release. Also the darkside when the waves were more ripable. 


The edit came out pretty nuts! You were ripping…. how did you come up with the name “Solo”?

 I went on the trip by myself and not knowing anyone besides Victor, traveled by myself and all. So I didn’t know what to expect, I just really wanted to score waves and knew it would be worth it. I ended up making some really good friends and had a rad time.


Video: Brian Elliot, Victor Cestari, Conrad Olage

Edit: Jacob Vanderwork

Stills: Victor Cestari, Conrad Olage