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A new Haydenshapes film.

California Premiere Friday January 10th 4-6pm. Details Below.


These Violent Delights Featuring Craig Anderson, Micky Clarke, Oscar Langburne, Dylan Graves, and Jake Kelley is a film set in the here and now, 7 days, a boat trip with friends – the kind you fantasize about during the 9-5 and scrape together your pennies for every few years if you’re lucky.  There’s a little bit of searching involved, but mostly it’s a packaged dream every average joe can take a swing at if the waves permit. All you need is good boards, good company and barrels so crisp they’re a cliché.

Shot and edited by Dave Fox and Blake Myers with contributions from Dion Agius, These Violent Delights documents an unforgettable cast of characters that together form a critical thread of Haydenshapes’ 23 year old brand. Young people making cool things for fun.





“The film has just got a really good, classic Indo vibe, where we got pumping waves,” says Dion Agius. “Craig [Anderson] and the boys were just getting the most amazing tubes. I was actually injured at the time while filming, so I had a lot of time to post up and take it all in.”

Premiering at Monster Children Gallery, Sydney, December 11 from 6pm-10pm, These Violent Delights is a creative visual experience not to be missed, pro surfer and talented auteur, Dion Agius’ surf-cinematic release.