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Holy Grail FutureFlex - Black Inverted

Sold out
$1,260.00 NZD

Model Overview

The Holy Grail is a model that sits a little above the Hypto Krypto in terms of ability to perform tight critical moves in the pocket. It is a board that your average surfer can ride and catch a lot of waves, but experienced surfers can also push this board into some very high performance waves and manoeuvres.

SKILL LEVEL - All Levels

The Holy Grail is suited to surfers who can comfortably pop up on every wave, travel down the line and are working on progressing their turns. This is not a beginner model.


As it's an everyday model the volume under your chest gives great paddling power, allowing you to catch a lot of waves. The Holy Grail will shine in all conditions, even on shore slop, so long as there is a bit of punch in the wave to activate the side cuts throughout the tail.


Anything from beach breaks, reef to point breaks. The Holy Grail will work at any location. It loves to be surfed in the pocket.

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