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Let’s talk about the ‘Remote’ concept. What is it and how did it come about?


‘Remote’ is a pop up version of my personal Haydenshapes studio and a space where I could work on some new ideas outside of what we currently do day to day. Surfboards began in a backyard workshop so this is very much inspired by that and stripping away the distractions. Lately there’s been nights where I’ve woken up at 3am and gone into the factory. No ones there and I can power through a few ideas in the workshop that I know I just wont get to in the day when the team get in and it’s business as usual. So that really gave me the push to create this as I’ve always thought the idea of a floating pop-up studio could be pretty radical. Is it completely necessary? Probably not, but it’s a more interesting than your typical set up which is good for creativity. The floating idea and being out in nature felt fitting for the concept of up-cycling waste, which is what the first ‘Remote’ studio is centred around. 


What made you choose this location?


My mate Chuck Anderson who has a workshop across from ours in Mona Vale built this Floating House, Lilypad, not too far from where I live. It’s only accessible by boat or seaplane. He is a talented craftsman and built it to be self-sustainable – solar powered, reusable water, non-fuel operated etc. I convinced him to let me transform it temporarily and create a studio concept we had been working on that hadn’t really been done before. 





Can you tell us more specifics on what is being built on board ‘Remote’?


Our industry has a long way to go when it comes to sustainability and it’s an area I’m really trying to focus on. It’s not something to just switch on overnight, you need to really do your research. One of the biggest issues is the wastage in manufacturing. Over 30% of foam and fiberglass in a singular board is lost in waste and is typically just thrown out into landfill – so it goes beyond just the idea of eco-materials alone. Rather than sending the offcuts and waste elsewhere, I wanted to test ideas and ways to put  it back into the build of the product. There are a few ideas I tested in this space including the development of a new cloth that I’ve worked on with Colan Australia which is made with up-cycled offcuts; chopped carbon fiber and fiberglass. I’m also testing a recycled stringer and fin plugs made with the foam dust and resin waste plus a mold cast tail pad that incorporates foam dust. 

Featuring IWC Schaffhausen Pilots Watch Double Chronograph Top Gun Ceratanium



When will you get to test these upcycled materials and performance features that you have made?


I’ll be testing them over the coming weeks… I’ve created a few variations and Im eager to feel them out. The honest answer is that its going to be really challenging to create that same performance feeling with the eco-waste materials in place of regular materials, but I do think that in general there’s a tolerance for this from consumers as people want products that are more conscious. The engineering in this area will get better and better over time, but you do have to start somewhere. Once I put the finished product through its paces, I hope to be able to scale up some of these ideas and hopefully launch them through Haydenshapes. From a materials standpoint, it’s my goal to create new eco options and make them available to the entire industry. I don’t believe in keeping exclusivity on ideas that could improve the way the environment is impacted by our product. Other brands have done that, which is fine, but I’ve got a different take on that and feel that the more people that have access the better. 


Featuring IWC Schaffhausen Aquatimer Chronograph Edition.


What made you partner with IWC Schaffhausen?


A couple of years ago I was introduced to Chris who heads up IWC  globally when he was out here launching their store in Melbourne. He came out to our custom factory in Mona Vale with Florian (who heads up IWC Australia) and we got to talking about design, manufacturing and their overall vision for creating product. Not long after we met I was invited for a tour of their facility in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and was mind blown by what they were doing. It’s by far the craziest and coolest production set up I’ve ever seen. Haydenshapes is 100% owned by myself and we don’t have a board of directors or a lot of resources to develop and expand as a brand. We do everything ourselves so partnerships like this are really valuable to me and seeing first hand how others operate.  It’s a mentorship in some respects and there’s a lot to be learned from a brand that’s been around for 150 years! I’ve been an ambassador ever since that trip. I’d had this idea for ‘Remote’ for a while and pitched the concept to them to partner with us on it and help bring it to life. I was particularly influenced by how they were reducing manufacturing waste and different processes they had in place to do this. Hopefully this will be the first of many ‘Remote’ studios to come.


Will people be able to visit and see ‘Remote’ first hand?


Initially no, but the space is pretty cool and I think it could be good to share the experience with our customers and look at running some ticketed work shops in early 2020. If anyone reading this is interested, shoot us an email ( I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether we should do it.  It would be limited availability due to the space and likely small intimate groups so I can be one on one with people.  I know I’d personally really enjoy doing it.



When will you launch the next one and will it be different to this?


Not sure yet on timelines, but there will be another one somewhere… I like the idea that ‘Remote’ plays to a theme. Maybe the next one will be somewhere cold, perhaps in the snow and the design concept would be influenced by action snow equipment? Or maybe it will be in the Arabian Desert and there’d be a cool idea that plays to that location somehow. It could be anything really… There’s no limits – the more unique and out there the better.


What’s next?


For ‘Remote’? The film! We are still creating it and will release it next month when it’s done. I think there are some ideas and concepts in there that people can go out and create themselves at home or in their garages.